M.C. Herd is now TruckSafe accredited

M.C. Herd is pleased to have been awarded TruckSafe accreditation to ensure the health, safety and well-being of its transport department.

TruckSafe is a not-for-profit world class business and risk management system that is aimed at improving the safety and professionalism of trucking operators nation-wide.

TruckSafe members achieve accreditation through independent auditing.

Members are bound by the TruckSafe Code of Conduct.

The integrity of TruckSafe is managed by the TruckSafe Industry Accreditation Council (TIAC).

TruckSafe accreditation is based on a set of minimum standards a trucking business should meet for it to be a safe, responsible operation.

For operators, accreditation shows that they are meeting their due diligence and duty of care.

For customers, TruckSafe provides confidence that operators have responsible work practices, well maintained vehicles, healthy and trained drivers and management systems to meet their transport needs. This also helps customers to meet their due diligence requirements.

TruckSafe accreditation satisfies an increasing trend of customers requiring their suppliers to have risk management systems in place and included in tenders

One of the biggest advantages of being an accredited member of TruckSafe is that our members are externally audited by a third party. These external audits can be used as evidence demonstrating compliance with the TruckSafe Standards which, in turn, provides a strong defence with respect to CoR (within the Heavy Vehicle National Law) and the Master Code.

Article from TruckSafe: https://www.vision6.com.au/v/22094/1792327934/email.html?k=_3xYPn6FzrG2d4hfVge4ZFs66laX6kTlvXcrrZ0mXm8

Angelo Lauricella from M.C. Herd said they joined TruckSafe as keeping their drivers safe is a high priority for the business. 

“As we have our own drivers as well as contractor drivers entering our sites, we wanted to ensure that our operating systems in relation to transport meets robust accreditation in the industry to ensure that we are fulfilling our corporate responsibilities in the safe transport of product,” Angelo said. 

“Having been a finalist for a Best Solution to a workplace issue with WorkSafe specifically relating to a state of the art Cattle Unloading Ramp for drivers and now having been awarded with TruckSafe accreditation we are confident that our operating systems meets those standards and expectations.  

“More importantly for our business is that our drivers have seen the benefits of having been accredited with a national recognised certified system which gives them and management the confidence that we are working together in delivering a high quality program to harness a very productive work culture,” he said.

Article by Angelo Lauricella



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