M.C. Herd becomes a Known Consigner

Effective from 28 February 2019, M.C. Herd has officially become a Known Consigner.  The Known Consignor scheme is for businesses that originate cargo. That is, the business makes, manufactures, assembles, or otherwise produces goods to be transported by aircraft as cargo.

The Known Consignor scheme has been introduced to help streamline the way goods are cleared through our borders. It offers businesses an alternative way to meet air cargo security requirements instead of using a Regulated Air Cargo Agent (RACA) to examine and clear air cargo on their behalf.

As a Known Consignor, we must:

  • comply with a Known Consignor Security Program provided by the Department of Home Affairs (the Department)
  • protect the security of air cargo that originates from your business until the air cargo is provided to another regulated business
  • only issue a Security Declaration in relation to cargo you originate
  • provide your employees with ongoing security awareness training, and
  • be subject to periodic compliance checks by the Department.

Consequently as a Known Consignors M.C. Herd must meet and maintain a high level of security to ensure cargo is safe to load on to an aircraft. As a Known Consigner we have demonstrated that we have security measures and procedures in place and can secure their cargo from where it originates.

Article by Angelo Lauricella

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